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Experience and expertise

Based on Happiness Street, BB is a highly accessible, social dining experience that leverages a collective six decades of hospitality expertise. Our guests crave the inclusion, togetherness and freedom of choice of social dining, and BB delivers it.

The Concept

Eastern cuisine is widely diverse while having a degree of homogeneity. As a crossroads between Europe, the Caucasus and North Africa, Eastern cuisine comprises of Pan-Asia & The Middle East, a region that has always been a hub of food & recipe exchange.
Eastern Cuisine absorbs the influence from various cultures, cuisines and its religion placing emphasis on enjoying meals with Family & Friends, the Community.
It is recorded that the earliest written recipes come from this area and pioneers of food culture and ingredients used globally today, including fermentation and wheat cultivation. The marriage of spices from the Orient and protein staples and sweets from the Middle East made a perfect combination to create Eastern cuisine.
BB is a home-grown concept revolving around its community, serving an Eastern Cuisine in a compelling and compact space.  The menu is accessible and has an inclusive not exclusive approach, considering various budgets, personal preferences and multiple vegan, vegetarian and meat options.
The service is polished yet light-hearted allowing you to create your own Unique Experience.
In recent years, sharing concepts have evolved to a more sophisticated level and the atmosphere is stylish and vibrant. There is no prescribed etiquette for ordering from the menu, with no differentiation between ‘starters’ and ‘main courses’. You can order dishes as required so that they are not ordered all at once, or you can request for the dishes to come in a specific order, the freedom is yours.

The Food

The style of the food at BB can be described as Social Dining. The emphasis is on creative & tasty flavours.

Guests are given a sense of freedom to design their own experiences based on single-plate dishes of Bites, Baos, Bowls, Bites & BBQ specialties with outstanding quirky desserts.

The presentation is playful and appealing to the eye. We use simple and functional crockery with splashes of color to keep it appealing and rebellious.

The menu is a luxurious palette of varieties of Modern Eastern Cuisine. Our menu is mindful of our guests’ appetites by offering an Inclusive not Exclusive approach with Vegan, Vegetarian and Meat-based dishes.


Bringing together a community of like-minded guests to enjoy a diverse, engaging, multi-layered social dining journey. Our carefully selected, Eastern-influenced menu reflects the tastes of our guests – fresh, compelling dishes with something to suit all palates and budgets.

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gate village 8 difc dubai

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